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Refilling your own CBDfx vape cartridge is cheaper and easier than using disposable cartridges. Find the answers to your top CBD cartridge questions inside.

You already know you can rely on CBDfx for all your CBD needs… but did you know that we also offer refillable CBD vape cartridges that fit right into your CBDfx CBD Vape Kit? Every CBDfx Vape Kit already comes with a cartridge, but having multiples to swap out is always a good idea, and our vape cartridges are also compatible with a variety of other vape rigs. Learn more about our CBD Vape Kit Cartridge and how this simple, affordable product makes it easy to enjoy your favorite flavored CBD e-juice in style.

Reduce Waste and Save with a CBDfx CBD Cartridge

Using disposable CBD vape products, such as pre-filled CBD vape cartridges and disposable CBD vape pens, is undeniably convenient. These products make it easy for beginners to start vaping CBD, and they certainly have their place in any CBD brand’s lineup.

At the same time, however, disposable CBD vape products are a bit wasteful, and they may end up being more expensive in the long run if you decide you love vaping CBD all the time. When you buy a disposable CBD vape pen, for instance, you have to pay for the cost of the entire pen, and you don’t have the option of controlling how much CBD is in your vape juice. Many customers find that after using the disposable pens for a while, they’re ready to graduate to a more potent option that includes significantly more CBD per use.

Additionally, the CBDfx refillable vape cartridge helps you reduce the impact of vaping on the environment, not to mention the fact that it helps you save money. It’s simply more economical to load your favorite CBD vape juice into a refillable cartridge than it is to buy disposable CBD vape products, and you can use your cartridge over and over again, which reduces total costs.

Enjoy Your Favorite CBD Vape Juice Like a Pro

The CBDfx refillable vape cartridge also provides you with more opportunities to personalize your CBD vaping experience. Whether Wild Watermelon is your favorite CBD vape oil flavor or you prefer the taste of our CBDfx Gelato CBD Terpenes Oil the best, our refillable CBD cartridge gives you the freedom to swap out vape juice flavors at will whenever you’ve vaped the last puff in your cartridge.

You can even purchase multiple CBDfx CBD cartridges and fill them with different CBD vape juice flavors. Since our CBDfx Vape Kit comes with simple magnetic rings for connecting your cartridge to your kit, you can simply pull out your existing cartridge and insert a different one whenever you’re craving a different flavor.

PRO TIP: Keep in mind that you can even mix different CBDfx vape juice flavors in a single cartridge. If you love two different CBD vape juice flavors so much that you can’t choose just one, this mix-and-match approach might be right for you.

How to Use Your CBDfx Vape Cartridge - Tutorial and FAQ

Combine CBDfx CBD Vape Additive with Your Favorite E-Juice Flavor

You may already have a favorite vape juice flavor, but you still want to turbocharge your vape liquid with CBD. Whether your existing vape juice contains nicotine or it doesn’t have any active ingredients at all, we make it easy to add CBD to your favorite vape juice flavor with our CBD Oil Vape Additives. These super-concentrated CBD vape products pack either 60mg, 120mg, 300mg, or 500mg of CBD into a tiny 10ml container, which makes it easy to add CBD to whichever vape juice option you like without reducing the flavor of your e-juice.

With our CBD cartridge, it’s easy to combine CBD with your favorite vape juice flavor to get excellent results. Simply squeeze however much CBDfx Vape Additive you want in your vape juice into your cartridge first, and then fill the rest of the cartridge with your favorite vape juice flavor. Once you’ve filled your cartridge and inserted it into your vape rig, your favorite vape juice will taste just as smooth as before but with the added benefit of containing CBD!

CBD Cartridge & CBD Vape Kit FAQ

We provide detailed instructions to make our both our CBD cartridge and our CBD vape kit easy to use, but there are a few common questions that customers frequently ask us about these products. Here are the answers to four of your most pressing CBD cartridge questions:

1. Where do I find out how to use my CBD vape cartridge?

We provide detailed instructions on how to use your CBD vape cartridge with the packaging for this product. However, our CBD cartridge is so easy to use that we can also provide brief instructions here:

  • Remove your CBD vape cartridge from its packaging
  • Twist off the mouthpiece of the cartridge
  • Remove the cap of your CBDfx vape juice, and squeeze the vape juice into your cartridge until it is full
  • Replace the mouthpiece
  • If you’re using your cartridge with our CBDfx Vape Kit, attach the magnetic connector, and snap the cartridge into place
  • If you’re using your cartridge with a different vape rig, follow the instructions that came with your rig to attach your cartridge

If you still have questions about how to use our CBD vape cartridge, our customer service team will be happy to help. Also, take a look at some of the reviews for this product to get some usage tips from experienced CBDfx customers.

2. How long does a CBD cartridge last?

That all depends on how much you vape. Our CBD cartridge has a capacity of 1ml, but that milliliter of vape juice will last for a longer or shorter period of time depending on your usual vaping habits.

If you like to take big hits and blow huge clouds, for instance, that 1ml of vape juice might only last a day or less. If you’re the type of person who likes to take tiny hits of CBD vapor throughout the day, however, the contents of your CBD cartridge could last for a week or even longer.

To get an idea of how long your CBD cartridge will last, closely monitor your vaping habits, and take a mental note every time you refill it with new vape juice. Keep in mind that our vape cartridges are highly durable, which means that the mechanical parts of your CBD cartridge should hold up for years before it becomes time to invest in a new refillable CBDfx vape cartridge.

3. How do I know if my CBD oil cartridge is on?

Depending on the type of vape rig you’re using, there might be a variety of indicators that your rig’s heating element has been turned on and it’s time to start inhaling. With our CBDfx Vape Kit, for instance, you simply need to press the button on the side five times to turn your rig on, and then you hold the same button as you inhale to release vapor from the kit. You’ll know that your CBDfx Vape Kit is on when the indicator light on the side illuminates.

Other types of vape rigs, however, might provide different types of indications that they are on and ready to use. Always check the instructions that came with your rig to find out how to tell if it is on or off.

Keep in mind that your cartridge itself does not have any electronic parts, and it does not, therefore, have an “on” or “off” status. Your CBD cartridge is simply meant to connect to a vape rig of some kind, which has a battery that vaporizes the liquid inside. This means that there’s no need to charge your cartridge; all you need to do to use the vape liquid inside your CBD vape cartridge is connect it to a compatible device and start vaping.

4. How many pulls off my CBD cartridge for effects?

Since the FDA has not yet made a formal ruling on CBD vape products, we cannot provide any recommendations regarding usage amounts or any other information related to how much CBD vape liquid you should consume in your situation. We can, however, provide some general comments and point you in the right direction if you want to learn more about how much CBD vapor you should use to experience the desired effects.

Whenever you vaporize a substance and inhale it, you’re taking advantage of an administration route called pulmonary administration. Once a vaporized substance makes contact with the inner lining of your lungs, that substance is absorbed into your bloodstream by special cells called alveoli. This process takes place almost instantaneously, so it’s generally possible to experience the effects of a substance that you vape within moments.

The FDA has not put their stamp of approval any CBD vape products at this point, which makes it hard to extrapolate recommended serving sizes for this administration route.

One way you can learn more about how much CBD you should vape to experience effects is by looking at customer reviews. While FDA regulations prohibit CBD producers from making any statements regarding using CBD for particular conditions, CBD consumers aren’t subject to the same regulations, which can make customer reviews and brand testimonials incredibly useful as you’re trying to determine how much CBDfx vape liquid you should use.

How to Use Your CBDfx Vape Cartridge - Tutorial and FAQ

CBDfx CBD Vape Cartridge – Summing It Up

It’s never been this easy to enjoy the incredible experience of CBD whenever you fire up your vape rig. While the idea of vaping CBD wasn’t that widespread until just a few years ago, this trend has now hit the CBD industry in full force, and CBDfx is leading the charge by offering more CBD vape options than any other cannabidiol producer on the planet.

Once you’ve tried all of the delicious flavors in our Original CBD vape juice line, you can branch out into our innovative ANML Alchemy flavors or give our CBD Terpenes vape juice options a try. We provide lab test results for every CBD vape juice product we offer, which takes all the guesswork out of finding the best CBD vape juice for your needs.

Whichever flavor of CBDfx vape juice you try, you’ll find that adding your vape liquid to your CBDfx CBD cartridge is surprisingly easy. If you have any questions about our CBD cartridge or any of the other products we offer here at CBDfx, don’t hesitate to reach out, and once you’ve tried our CBDfx CBD vape cartridge for yourself, make sure to leave a review to help others make the best CBD vaping decisions possible.


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