UK advised by Massachusetts Commissioner to recruit former drug dealers if marijuana is legalised


Former drug dealers ought to be recruited and educated to make secure, legal cannabis if the UK decides to legalise marijuana, the head of an American programme overseeing the sale of the narcotic has urged.

The Commissioner in charge of legal cannabis sales in Massachusetts has stated Britain ought to comply with her state’s instance of recruiting ex-drug dealers and persons from communities involved in what was when the underground marketplace for marijuana.

Ahead of talks with parliamentarians at Westminster this week, Shaleen Title, along with two other US specialists on drug liberalisation, revealed that a project is below way in their state – which legalised the drug in 2016 – to retrain former cannabis dealers to enter the now legal marijuana market.

Title’s contact echoes that of Michael Semple, the EU’s a single-time particular representative to Afghanistan and negotiator with the Afghan Taliban, who stated that a future British government would have to open “peace talks” with drug gangs if the UK goes for legalisation.

He told the Guardian he believes that government, police and other authorities should open dialogue with dealers who face going out of organization. [Read more at The Guardian]


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