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Bare Roots Nutrition Review

  • Bare Roots Nutrition Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Bare Roots Nutrition Brand with one star because it qualifies for the Mission Badge.

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Bare Roots Nutrition: 60-Second Summary

According to our methodology, the Bare Roots brand is lacking in most departments. That being said, they don’t necessarily give off any red flags; it seems like they simply need to do a better job of covering their bases. A big plus — their CBD oil product line contains only all-natural ingredients, a feat that’s becoming less and less common these days. We think that with a few improvements, Bare Roots could become a vendor we can get behind.


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Bare Roots Nutrition Brand Review

The motto here is next-generation health. Bare Roots hails from Michigan and hopes to effect positive change in holistic health for generations to come by offering CBD options that may replace pharmaceuticals. The brand highlights the benefits of CBD over traditional medications including the absence of side effects, and they claim that healthcare professionals currently recommend their products. They may be telling the truth, but we see many CBD vendors making such claims; the legitimate ones usually back them up with verified testimonials, etc.

Bare Roots also emphasizes that they are one of the seed-to-sale CBD merchants, meaning they do not simply purchase final products and then market them to consumers. Rather, they have a stake in the entire process, monitoring each level for quality and safety.

Speaking of safety, we won’t be awarding Bare Roots the Safety Badge at this time. Currently, they have a few cannabinoid profiles posted, but there are some issues: one is over a year old, none show the author/performer of said test (although we did notice the Botanacor Labs logo on a couple), and they aren’t available for each SKU. To get the badge, the brand will need to have updated cannabinoid profiles for every product and current, comprehensive contaminants test results as well. Oh yeah, and we need to know who performs the tests!

Even though we cannot verify safety, we adore the ingredient choices in the Bare Roots CBD product line, save the CBD vape cartridge whose ingredients we can’t confirm. They also offer both full spectrum and isolate options, another choice we applaud. Say hello to simple and all-natural, the kind of lines we love to see.

We do need to put in a disclaimer, as we cannot verify the Quality Badge, either. While the company sources pesticide-free, organically grown hemp from Colorado, they make no mention of their extraction process. And without a CoA to prove there are no residual solvents, we can’t make any promises about quality. A word to the wise.

The Bare Roots catalog ranges from $9 to $140 and includes the following options:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures (300, 600, 1200, and 1800 mg)
  • CBD Isolate Oil Tinctures (750 mg)
  • CBD Hemp Stick (Hooray for mostly organic ingredients!)
  • CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Packs are also available in different combinations for variety and cost savings, and Bare Roots offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee on all their CBD products.

Bottom Line – We like that Bare Roots uses all-natural ingredients and offers both isolate and full spectrum options in their CBD line. However, we’ll need to see more from them (most notably comprehensive test results) to grant the brand more badges.

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Bare Roots Nutrition ReviewMission Verified

Bare Roots believes in educating customers about CBD oil and promoting wellbeing for future generations.



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Bare Roots Nutrition

Bare Roots Nutrition Review


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