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CBD Oil Review rates the CBDO™ Brand with two stars because it qualifies for the Mission & Quality Badges.

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CBDO™: 60-Second Summary

CBDO is based out of the U.K. and offers a limited line of CBD products sourced from Slovenian hemp. Considered veterans in the industry, they’ve been around since 2013, practically ancient times in the CBD biz. While they’re certified-organic CBD oil (an easier certification to come by in Europe) and clean ingredients are great pluses, there’s not really much to write home about here. We recognize CBDO’s level of quality, but with such a longstanding operation, we’re shocked they don’t offer more variety.


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CBDO™ Brand Review

CBDO claims to source their hemp from ‘Europe’s best hemp farms.’ This may actually check out, considering their certified-organic hemp used in their CBD oil comes from Slovenia, a country known for their clean growing processes with a long history of hemp cultivation.

CBDO utilizes CO2 extraction, making the Quality Badge an easy win, and these guys have been around since 2013. They monitor all stages of production (aka they’re a seed-to-shelf company), and state that their entire product line is tested by a third party. However, CBDO does not post any test results, making them ineligible for the Safety Badge.

We notice that many European vendors do not post any independent lab results, and those that do often only post cannabinoid profiles. Since GMOs have largely been banned in the E.U. and the political climate makes it easier for farmers to produce organic, perhaps the European consumer is less concerned about contaminants like pesticides. Still, these factors are irrelevant when it comes to residual solvents that can show up in CBD oil even after CO2 extraction. Therefore, safety tests are still a crucial part of the buying process, even from the European companies.

The CBDO line is strikingly basic for a vendor who’s been in the business as long as they have. We also have a hard time verifying which of their products are full spectrum and which are made from CBD isolate. They praise whole plant extract on their blog, but their language isn’t clear when it comes to product descriptions. The catalog includes:

  • CBD Oil Tinctures- These are extracted from leaves and flowers, leading us to believe this is a full spectrum product. The ingredients are immaculate, just organic CBD oil and organic olive oil. The tinctures are only available in 550 mg, but the bottle is just 10 ml, making for a higher concentration than it appears at first glance.
  • Water-soluble CBD Drops – These are even more concentrated with 1000 mg in a 10 ml bottle and can be mixed with water or juice.
  • CBD Tea
  • CBD Flower Pellets
  • CBD E-Liquid (contains VG/PG and probably isolate)
  • CBD Oil for pets

CBDO™ offers 10% off your first purchase, but they falsely advertise ‘FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY’ on their About Page. Standard shipping to the U.S. will run you around $10.

We’re really surprised at the limited amount of offerings in CBDO’s lineup, especially considering how long they’ve been in the game. It’s inconvenient for the consumer to have just one concentration available for cannabidiol tinctures. What if you want to up your dosing? What if you increase your usage and need more on a regular basis? We encourage the brand to offer different concentrations/sizes to appeal to the needs of more consumers.

Bottom Line – U.K. merchant CBDO has a very limited CBD product line. While they seem to have relatively clean sourcing, we’ll need to see independent lab tests to verify the safety of their offerings, and we’d really like to see more options with different concentrations

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Badges For CBDO™

CBDO™ ReviewQuality Verified

CBDO sources organic Slovenian hemp and utilizes CO2 extraction in their CBD products.

CBDO ReviewMission Verified

CBDO aims to provide more than just quality CBD products by offering dedicated customer service.



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