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To the Editor:

Re “New Rollback to Ease a Ban on Old Bulbs” (front web page, Sept. five):

Even as government requirements are becoming lowered, market and men and women do not have to adhere to meekly along with the new regulations. Continue to limit your household’s emissions, get fuel-effective vehicles and retain your LED bulbs lit.

Judith Martinez
Huxley, Alberta

To the Editor:

Relaxation of the government mandate for the production of power-effective light bulbs is a welcome improvement. If growing the use of additional power-effective bulbs is a worthy target, government bans on significantly less effective bulbs are not the way to achieve it. Rather, we should really tax inefficient bulbs additional heavily so that these who use them bear the fees. The very same strategy would be a preferable option to requiring car or truck suppliers to meet fuel efficiency requirements.

As your report acknowledges, there is substantial customer resistance to particular forms of effective light bulbs. As an alternative of employing the heavy hand of government to dictate the forms of merchandise (irrespective of whether light bulbs or autos) that customers could get, we could use the tax technique to encourage power-smart getting habits. This strategy would achieve the target whilst retaining the substantial advantage of customer cost-free option.

Kenneth A. Margolis
Chappaqua, N.Y.

To the Editor:

New Warning Against Use of Marijuana for two Groups” (news report, Aug. 30) is reminiscent of coverage of pregnant girls and cocaine use that reported harm theories that had been alarmist.

Crucial examination would reveal that the surgeon general’s advisory focuses on associations and unspecified “risks.” There’s an huge distinction amongst points that pose possible dangers, which are practically every little thing a lady does, ingests or is exposed to through the course of pregnancy, and actual harm to the pregnant lady and fetus.

Additionally, it is not possible to say that the vast majority of drugs and medicines pregnant girls take are secure simply because pregnant girls are largely excluded from analysis research.

Ultimately, becoming pregnant currently tends to make lots of girls in the United States targets for violations of health-related privacy, arrest, detention, forced remedy and family members separation. Sadly, the surgeon general’s alarmist and medically misleading advisory targeting pregnant girls tends to make punitive responses far additional probably than compassionate, science-primarily based well being care.

Lynn M. Paltrow
New York
The writer is executive director of National Advocates for Pregnant Ladies.


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