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SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — A tip led police to an illegal marijuana shop in Sacramento County Wednesday.

Inside a shop named “The Trap,” on Florin Road, they found half a million dollars worth of illegal items. Much more than a dozen persons have been escorted out of the shop and detained.

Alex Traverso, with the Bureau of Cannabis Manage, stated this is not the form of illegal shop the division is utilized to dealing with. He stated The Trap operated like a flea industry of sorts, exactly where persons could obtain and consume marijuana inside.

“The exterior appears like a clothes shop and inside they go in and come across a half a million dollars in illegal cannabis items. Edibles, vape cartridges,” Traverso stated.

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Traverso stated ordinarily shops that sell illegal marijuana in fact appear like a dispensary on the outdoors.

“You stroll up, you see a green cross and persons consider this is a legal dispensary and can obtain items right here,” Traverso stated.

Traverso stated his division gets dozens of complaints about illegal pot shops. In fact shutting them down is considerably extra tough activity that calls for police surveillance and a search warrant.

“Unfortunately enforcement does not take place as speedy as most persons would like,” he stated.

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Bureau of Cannabis Manage information shows this year alone, there have been 23 busts in 7 counties. These contain Sacramento County and Yolo County. Law Enforcement seized 32 million dollars worth of marijuana and marijuana items.

“Ultimately, we want to sort of undercut that illegal industry and genuinely influence their bottom line and assistance our legal operators,” Traverso stated.

Traverso and his workplace have began a campaign named #weedwise aimed at deterring persons from acquiring items at unlicensed marijuana shops, even although they may well be less expensive.

“When you see persons having sick from these illegal vape cartridges and possessing to go to the emergency area with breathing challenges they are possessing, I just do not consider you can place a value on your well being,” he stated.

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