The Honest Pros and Cons of Vaping CBD


There is no doubt about it: CBD oil has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years. It seems everyone and their dog is taking CBD for one reason or another and with so many different ways to take CBD oil, you may be wondering which is best. 

As any fan of vaping will tell you, there are many pros but are there also a few cons?

Whether you’ve been vaping for years or are looking to get started, here’s a list of truly honest pros and cons of vaping CBD


Pros of Vaping CBD 

There are lots of really good reasons to vape CBD over some other delivery format. CBD capsules, edibles, and tinctures all have their own benefits but vaping CBD is one of the most popular ways to consume it and given this list of pros, it isn’t that hard to see why. 

Fast Absorption 

In order to experience the effects of CBD, it needs to interact with the cannabinoid receptors located throughout the brain and central nervous system. 

In order to reach these receptors, the CBD must first be absorbed into the bloodstream. The fastest way to do this is by vaping. With many delivery formats, the CBD must first pass through the digestive system and to the liver before finally being absorbed. 

With vaping, the CBD enters the bloodstream directly through the lungs, bypassing the long, slow, digestive process. 

When CBD goes through the digestive system, it can take up to an hour before it is fully absorbed. When CBD is absorbed through the lungs, it is absorbed almost instantly, producing its effects right away. 

Better Bioavailability

Bioavailability, simply put, is the amount of a substance that enters circulation after being introduced to the body. Vaping CBD is one of the most bioavailable ways to consume it. 

Because the CBD does not have to pass through a number of body systems and filters before being absorbed, there is more of it that gets through. Whenever a substance passes through the digestive system, some of it is used up or filtered out, reducing its potency. This does not happen to the same degree when vaping, allowing more CBD into the bloodstream. 


Vaping is far and away one of the most convenient ways to get your CBD

For starters, your vape pen can travel with you anywhere you go making it easy for you to take a dose whenever you need one. 

CBD vape oils do not produce an order like smoking cigarettes or cannabis does, so you can vape without drawing a lot of attention to yourself. 


The Cons of Vaping CBD

Of course, because nothing is perfect, there are a few cons associated with vaping CBD

Sometimes Inappropriate

As convenient as vaping may be, it is not always appropriate. Some locations prohibit smoking and vaping, even outdoors. Always make sure you understand what is and is not allowed and make any necessary adjustments to your schedule. 

Short-Lived Effects

While CBD vape oils are quick to take effect, these effects are short-lived. For most people, this won’t be much of an issue as you can easily take another dose when you need it. But, as mentioned above, if you are out and about or traveling, it may not be appropriate to vape CBD

Possible Health Risks

While the jury is still out, there are potential health risks associated with vaping. Most vape oils use propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG). Both of these substances have been approved for use in food products but their effects, when exposed to heat and inhaled, are up for debate. 

Vaping is relatively new and as time goes on, all of these details will become more clear. 


Quality Matters

The pros and cons of vaping CBD aside, it is important to use a quality product. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the best CBD vape products:

  1. Always check the ingredients list. Look for a product that contains CBD derived from organic hemp. Using an organic source can eliminate any potential for chemical contamination of the final product. 
  2. Read customer reviews. Brands like Vape Bright post customer reviews so you can fully examine the products you are considering and decide if it is worth your money, and suitable for your needs and lifestyle. These reviews can offer you an unfiltered, unbiased, take on the product. 
  3. Look for a certificate of analysis. Brands that produce a quality product will have no problem being fully transparent about it. Not only will the post reviews as mentioned above, but they will third-party lab test their extracts for purity and potency. These certificates will show any heavy metal contamination as well as the exact concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present in the final product. 

Now that you are armed with all the pros of vaping CBD, and what to look for in a quality product, you are ready to shop! Head to Vape Bright now and choose from their unique CBD vape options. You can select from the original Thrive line or choose from the newer, JUUL compatible, Inspire line that contains Kava for added relaxation!




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