With Pancreatic Cancer, What Stephen Desires is Legalised Cannabis


A year into his cancer therapy, Stephen heard about the added benefits of healthcare marijuana and CBD oil, but it has confirmed complicated to get.

I was lying face down when I initially heard about Stephen Schulman. I’d been feeling sorry for myself, complaining of an aching wrist and back – the vestiges of an age-inappropriate roller-skating accident – when my massage therapist Elisa worked to soothe my discomfort.

Sooner or later, our conversation turned to her pal Stephen. At only 41, just months following marrying the adore of his life, Stephen had gone to the medical doctor complaining of stomach pains and the inability to preserve something down. He re-emerged with a diagnosis: stage-three pancreatic cancer, inoperable due to a pretty massive tumor wrapping itself about a main artery in his abdomen.

In essence, a death sentence.

Study the complete story at The Guardian.



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