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Chemdawg meets Sin City Kush to develop the godfather of quite a few ‘dawg hybrids to come – Dawgfather OG. This Sativa-leaning strain is potent, boasting THC levels beyond the 20% level. It could effortlessly overwhelm customers with a soaring buzz that slams the head inside minutes soon after the initially handful of puffs. Consequently, it also does not lock customers to the couch totally stunned.

It has a gentle introduction that gradually improves the mood as it clears the thoughts which prepares customers for the upcoming physique higher. Its Indica effects shine via for the duration of this aspect. A tingling sensation settles into the limbs that ultimately envelops customers in relaxation. Its comedown is a drowsiness that leaves customers feeling content.

A lot more than just a supply of recreation, even so, Dawgfather OG is a strain that gives reprieve against quite a few well being situations. Its uplifting head higher, for instance, could give customers a break against unstable feelings and overwhelming dread. It is also an powerful painkiller than ease away aches and pains.

Our Dawgfather OG Strain Assessment

Details About Dawgfather OG Strain

ORIGIN Chemdawg and Sin City Kush
EFFECTS Sleepy – 10
Relaxed – three
Euphoric – three
Hungry – three
Tingly – three
FRAGRANCE Pungent, gas, pepper, woody, Kush
FLAVORS Kush, chemical, gas, spicy, pepper, woody
Health-related Insomnia – 10
Discomfort – 1
FLOWERING TIME INDOOR eight to 10 weeks
FLOWERING TIME Outside Mid to late October
THC Content material % 20%
CBD % Unknown
INDOOR YIELD 12 to 16 ounces per square meter
Outside YIELD 16 ounces or far more per plant
CLIMATE Mediterranean climate
Development LEVEL Unknown
RESISTANCE TO Illness Unknown

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Dawgfather OG is not a single that strikes customers inside seconds
soon after the initially handful of puffs. As an alternative, it requires its sweet time, about 15 minutes,
prior to swarming the thoughts in a mild euphoria that progressively intensifies. It clears
the thoughts, calming the nerves against powerful worries.

Dawgfather OG Strain Effects
Dawgfather OG Strain Effects

In its location, there is an innate sense of happiness that improves the mood. Preparing snacks ahead of time is a fantastic notion. Though subtle, the mild invigoration stimulates the appetite. Possessing some meals about removes the hassle of obtaining to get up and go to the kitchen.

The Indica buzz begins two to 3 hours soon after the initially puff. It relaxes the muscle tissues, releases tension from the joints, and soothes the physique. No doubt, a single feels far more limber with regard movement. Even so, it does not entice customers to move about or total tasks. At the finish, the tingling sensation develops into a sedating heaviness that settles in the limbs. It tends to make the eyelids droop till, ultimately, customers fall rapidly asleep with out even understanding it.

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Dawgfather OG is a pungent strain. It emits a powerful funky smell that quite a few would take into account to be gas-like. With it are hints of pepper and wood along with a sharp Kush.


Some coughing can be anticipated from toking Dawgfather OG. Immediately after all, it has sharp notes of Kush along with an equally distinguishable chemical taste of gas as nicely as spicy pepper. Subtly counteracting it is an aftertaste of wood that comes on the exhale.

Adverse reactions

Dawgfather OG comes with extremely handful of side effects. Normally, it is restricted to dry eyes and a cottonmouth, but the offshoots can at times branch out to dizziness. All are mild although and can be effortlessly ignored. But, to be protected, customers ought to consume the bud in moderation to hold the higher pleasant.


It is not incorrect to
assume that Dawgfather OG is a recreational strain. Immediately after all, that has been
the assumption of
cannabis for a lengthy time. Nevertheless, its therapeutic added benefits are
not to be discounted. Its uplifting higher reduces anxiety levels when also
managing psychological distress.

Dawgfather OG Strain Medical
Dawgfather OG Strain Health-related

Its mood-enhancing effects also silences self-depreciating thoughts that exacerbate feelings of hopelessness, cynicism, and despair. At the identical time, it also assists calm the nerves and clear the thoughts. Therefore, customers suffering from depression, anxiousness, and PTSD might come across comfort in its soothing euphoria.

It could also be utilised in location of opioid-primarily based medicine. It has potent discomfort-relieving qualities that appease a wide assortment of aches and pains with out the adverse side effects that come with synthetic drugs such as nausea. In reality, it is capable to appease gastrointestinal pains that could lead to challenges to digestion and vomiting. And, as an added bonus, it stimulates the appetite so sufferers with consuming issues might love meals with out discomfort or guilt.

At the comedown, it induces a heavy-limbed buzz that tends to make customers drowsy. Persons with insomnia will come across that it is an uncanny reprieve against the challenges that might arise when attempting to slip into unencumbered slumber. Additionally, its sedating properties boost the all round high quality and quantity of sleep.


Dawgfather OG is a
reasonably tall plant that some house growers might have difficulty cultivating it
indoors, specially when designated increasing regions have low vertical space.
Therefore, maintaining it brief is vital. Otherwise, it could cramp tiny spaces.

Dawgfather OG Strain Growing
Dawgfather OG Strain Developing

It operates most effective beneath a Screen of Green setup which manages its height and brings up the reduced nodes so that it absorbs equivalent amounts of light. At the identical time, it assists develop a bushier plant by weaving the branches into a net situated above the existing canopy. Collectively with an additional strategy named Topping, it could make various budding web-sites that enhances the yield when shortening the vegetative period.

Outdoors, it has a preference for sunny and semi-humid environments equivalent to that of the Mediterranean. Even so, this is not to say that the plant does not execute nicely in the northern hemisphere exactly where the days are shorter, and the temperatures are reduced. It not only has a sturdy frame but also fantastic immunity against quite a few unpredictable components such as light rains or a sudden breeze.

Exposing the plant to cooler temperatures will bring out its striking colors of azure and royal purple. Against a backdrop of sparkling trichomes, it produces an eye-catching similarity to gems.

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Flowering Time

It requires Dawgfather OG amongst eight to 10 weeks of flowering to totally mature into harvestable buds. As soon as prepared for harvest, growers can anticipate at least 12 to 16 ounces of buds per square meter.

Very adaptable, it ought to come as no surprise that Dawgfather OG matures earlier than most Sativa-leaning strains. By the second to the final week of October, every plant will make up to 16 ounces of buds per plant.

Have you ever smoked or grown your personal Dawgfather OG? Please let me know what you feel about this marijuana strain in the comments beneath.


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