Juul Sets in Spot Yet another Measure to Avert Teen Vaping


“Don’t commence employing nicotine if you do not have a pre-current partnership with nicotine,” says Juul CEO Kevin Burns. The new age-verification technique at points of sale is the manufacturer’s most current try to regain credibility in the face of accusations that it is attempting to target minors.

As soon as the age-verification function is implemented, scanning a Juul solution will lock point-of-salesystems till a valid government ID is scanned.

Much more than 40,000 outlets from more than 50 retail chains have set in location the age verification technique set by Juul, such as comfort retailer chains ExtraMile and Cumberland Farms.

Meanwhile in order to encourage retailers to embrace this technique, Juul which controls about 75% of the American e-cigarette industry, will be supplying more than $100 million in incentives to shops that adopt the requirements by Might 2021. Furthermore, the manufacturer plans to quit distributing items to any retailers who do not implement the technique.

As soon as the age-verification function is implemented, scanning a Juul solution will lock point-of-sale systems till a valid government ID is scanned. The technique will also automatically limit the quantity of Juul items that one particular client can buy, a function aimed at stopping adults from getting in bulk and reselling to minors.

Juul also mentioned that it would roll out a nationwide version of its Track &amp Trace system. This scheme aims to find confiscated Juul devices, and decide exactly where they have been sold with the help of educators, police and parents, who would report device serial numbers. According to the manufacturer, this system was piloted in Houston more than the previous 5 months.

Juul Launches New Device Aimed at Stopping Teen Vaping

Meanwhile, in a different try to quit minors from becoming in a position to get their devices, Juul Labs have also come up with a new solution that can enable monitor customers. Its newly launched wise e-cigarette is in a position to gather facts relating to the user, even tracking when and exactly where they vape. Furthermore, the new device is in a position to make use of a facial recognition function to hold it out of the hands of youngsters.

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