Vape Cart Additive Makers Pull Goods as Other folks Go Dark


Immediately after a rash of suspected vape pen-associated lung illness instances nationwide, the chemical makers accountable for promoting new cannabis additives seem to be reacting, and proof of their sales practices are emerging.

The web-site for Honey Reduce, the diluent that began the ‘thickener’ craze final year, has gone dark.

According to current internet searches by Leafly, the web-site of suspicious diluent thickener maker Honey Reduce has gone offline. Honey Cut’s manufacturer is unknown, and it was previously offered only by ordering via its web-site.

Meanwhile, the Michigan-primarily based terpene maker Floraplex has pulled down the sales web page for its item Uber Thick, which was also described in Leafly’s story on subsequent-gen thickeners final week.

Also, the diluent thickener maker Mr Extractor, primarily based in Tigard, Oregon, has pulled sales of its Clear Reduce item. A video, beneath, seems to show Mr Extractor founder Drew Jones pitching Clear Reduce earlier this year for use in vape pens. Jones told Leafly this afternoon that Mr Extractor is no longer promoting Clear Reduce. He evaded concerns about the video’s authenticity.

The video was posted to YouTube Sept. five by diluent thickener critic and watchdog Extract Ninja. It is not posted on the Mr Extractor YouTube web page, but it matches other video content material from Jones.

It is significant to note that the video’s YouTube host claims that Clear Reduce consists of vitamin E acetate, but that conjecture remains untested. As Jones tends to make clear in the video, the manufacturer considers the formula for Clear Reduce to be a very guarded proprietary secret—and tends to make no mention of vitamin E.

Deaths and Concern Mounting

On Friday morning, officials at the federal Centers for Illness Handle reported that as a lot of as 3 deaths and 450 instances of suspected acute respiratory distress syndrome have been linked with vaping THC solutions. Illicit marketplace vape carts tainted with unapproved additives are a major suspect in the outbreak, which may possibly have begun as early as April in Illinois.

The FDA is testing some 120 seized solutions for a assortment of possible contaminants, chief amongst them vitamin E oil (tocopheryl-acetate) and other additives and thickeners. New York well being officials and FDA officials have identified vitamin E oil in most tainted carts from New York and in a lot of other folks submitted to the FDA.

Honey Reduce Goes Offline

The well-liked illicit marketplace diluent thickener Honey Reduce, primarily based out of Los Angeles, may possibly include vitamin E oil, according to independent tests by the Portland, Oregon, terpene maker Correct Terpenes. Leafly previously chronicled Honey Cut’s introduction in Los Angeles in late 2018 and its subsequent dominance of the marketplace for vape cart cutting agents.

As of these days, Honey Cut’s previously functioning web-site at has disappeared. Error notices have taken its spot. Honey Reduce officials have not responded to Leafly’s requests for comment.

Mr Extractor Pulls Clear Reduce

Mr Extractor’s Clear Reduce diluent, meanwhile, has also been pulled from sale on the web-site. The video of Drew Jones pitching Clear Cut appears to position the item as an excellent cutting agent for vape pen carts.

A single thickener maker previously boasted that his item was “a far healthier alternative” to other diluents. This week the item disappeared from the organization web-site.

Jones notes that the thickener is not topic to any state or federal regulations. There is absolutely nothing “to preserve you from placing this in just about every head shop, gas station, dispensary in the nation,” he says. “It tastes fantastic, and to be truthful with you, it tastes much better than any e-juice on the marketplace. … We’ve produced juices out of this that are incredible. This item correct right here is going to revolutionize the e-juice market.”

“If you want it, you are going to have to come and get it,” Jones tells his potential prospects. “If you personal a massive organization, we give this in gallons. We give this in barrels. We give incredibly, incredibly competitive pricing on this. For instance, the pricing structure of other dilutants from other firms: $10 a gram, $five a gram. We give items at $four a gram. This item is going to begin at $two a gram and operate its way below $1 a gram.”

Jones claims that Clear Reduce is “a far healthier alternative” to other cutting agents on the marketplace. “This product is a thing that your physique demands, it is been about for a lengthy time and it is been tested for a lengthy time.” He stops quick of naming any of the chemical elements of Clear Reduce, although. “Eventually it is gonna come out,” he says. “But it ain’t gonna be these days.”


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