Do “No THC” strains of Marijuana really have no THC? : Marijuana


I live in Portland Oregon and have a job that does random UA’s. Because of this I haven’t smoked in many years but I recently ran into a strain called Sour Space Candy that was sold at a head shop. They were allowed to legally sell it because it was advertised as “No THC”. I bought some and have been smoking it for about a month. Currently I’m smoking a bowl nightly and 2-3 daily on weekends. I use it for pain management and anxiety. It’s also a much better alternative to alcohol so it’s very helpful in reducing my alcohol consumption. Even though it says “No THC” I’m still a little paranoid that it might have small amounts in it.

Does anyone know if there might be any traces of THC in this strain? If so, how much and would it be possible to smoke enough of it to show up positive on a standard drug test?


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