I'm about to start out up at university once more and my strategy is to cut down my THC intake in the course of the college year to retain my brain "sharp". I endure from chronic migraines, anxiousness, and OCD, which is why i use healthcare cannabis. Fundamentally, it considerably reduces migraine discomfort for me and it aids my brain "calm down" when i am experiencing poor anxiousness and OCD compulsions. I would like to continue to advantage from healthcare cannabis but I'm not confident if I'm going the suitable way about it.

Usually, I use a PAX Era battery with hybrid cartridges that are normally about 70-80% THC and .three% CBD. Considering the fact that I am attempting to cut down my THC intake, I was seeking into higher CBD cartridges due to the fact i've study that CBD can enable with discomfort and anxiousness. My strategy for this college year is to replace my higher THC PAX pods with a 1:1 higher-CBD PAX pod (the a single I'm seeking to get is 20.9% THC and 17.six% CBD by Legion of Bloom).

Does this appear like it will operate for me? Is the CBD cartridge route the way to go? Any suggestions is welcome!

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