Healthcare cannabis a probable remedy for metastatic melanoma




Metastasis is the principal trigger of death in sufferers with melanoma.  Cannabis-primarily based medicines are powerful adjunctive drugs in cancer patients. Tau and Stathmin proteins are the important proteins in cancer metastasis. Right here we have investigated the impact of a standardized  Cannabis sativa extract on cell migration and Tau and Stathmin gene expression in the melanoma cell line.

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In the remedy group, melanoma (B1617) was treated 48 hr with several concentrations of standardized C. sativa extract. Cells with no remedy had been regarded as the handle group, then study was followed by Quantitative RT-Actual Time PCR assay. Relative gene expression was calculated by the ΔΔct approach. Migration assay was employed to evaluate cancer metastasis.


Tau and stathmin gene expression was substantially decreased compared to the handle group. Cell migration was also substantially lowered compared to controls.


C. sativa decreased tau and stathmin gene expression and cancer metastasis. The final results may perhaps have some clinical relevance for the use of  cannabis-primarily based medicines in sufferers with metastatic melanoma.

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PMID: 29147495 PMCID: PMC5673704 DOI: 10.22038/IJBMS.2017.9398



Vaseghi G1, Taki MJtwo, Javanmard SHtwo.


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