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With the start of a new sweet decade we celebrate our 15th anniversary! Fifteen years of passion, work and research dedicated to our beloved plant. When we see that our strains are chosen by millions of cannagrowers worldwide, we are truly filled with pride. Friends, clients and colleagues: THANK YOU! We hope to celebrate many more years by your side and that year after year we also keep delighting your connoisseur palates with our genetics.

In this year 2020 we bring you eight amazing news that will most likely have an impact on you.Our first release is a CBD-rich autoflowering strain, with very low THC levels, that will fascinate you with the beauty offered by its red flowers.Red Pure Auto CBD® (SWS81) is a plant with indica appearance and a relaxing and anxiolytic effect. This strain is the result of the cross between our Sweet Pure CBD® (SWS65), our first “CBD pure” strain, released in 2018, and our Red Poison Auto® (SWS39). Medical growers: here you have your red-flowered CBD strain with low THC levels.

The second and third new strains come from the hands of our powerful Gorilla Girl® (SWS74), a strain that can reach THC levels of up to 31%. So if your preferences go to the “Super Strong” genetics, here we introduce you to two of your future favorite strains: the lush, autoflowering, tall-stemmed Gorilla Girl XL Auto® (SWS82) and the ultrafast Gorilla Girl F1 Fast Version® (SWS86).

Both come from the hybridization between one of our most powerful genetics from the Cookies family, Gorilla Girl® and our resinous Sweet Gelato Auto® (SWS76). Due to the high THC levels of Gorilla Girl XL Auto® and Gorilla Girl F1 Fast Version®, you will experience a powerful effect with intense aromas and a deliciously sweet taste.

Do you want to know more about them?

Gorilla Girl XL Auto®: an impressive high-sized autoflowering strain that produces plants reaching up to 60-120 cm in height, with large buds full of abundant resin that you can harvest in 9 weeks from germination.Gorilla Girl F1 Fast Version®: you can harvest this strain in a record time, shortening up to two weeks of flowering compared to the photoperiod-dependent version Gorilla Girl®.

Now you just have to choose between them and tell us your opinion. But we don’t finish here. There’s a lot more to tell you.The fourth new strain is still within the “Super Strong” line. Our delicious Red Hot Cookies® (SWS83) features excellent genetics coming from the cross between a selected clone of Tropicanna Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie) and a selected clone of a potent American strain, Tangie.

For this breeding program, we selected excellent parents with the desired red flowered phenotype, accomplishing the goal of having 60% of the offspring presenting this precious feature, which usually shows up in the last weeks of the flowering stage.Red Hot Cookies® can reach up to 25% THC providing delicious, deep and dense aromas and flavors, along with shades of tangerine, mango and a touch of berries.

The fifth new strain, also within the “Super Strong” line, is Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version® (SWS85). This is a photoperiod-dependent strain that features ultrafast flowering and produces beautiful red flowers. It comes from one of the most famous “Super Strong” USA varieties from the Cookies family.

This strain smells and tastes like sweet mangoes with earthy and woody touches along a soft Skunk background. It is result of the cross between a selected Tropicanna Cookies elite clone from a red-flowered phenotype and our red-flowered autoflowering Red Poison Auto® (SWS39).Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version® is a very high yielder: it can reach up to 24% THC and you will have it ready to harvest with about 6 to 7 weeks of flowering.

But wait, the sixth new strain will also surprise you: are you a lover of American genetics and also addicted to the famous Skittles candies?Yes, you guessed it, our Sweet Zkittlez® (SWS84) is here and you’ll love it. Sweet Zkittlez® is the result of the cross between a selected elite clone of one of the most powerful genetics from the West Coast of the United States, the famous Zkittlez, with a selected clone of Grape Ape.

Sweet Zkittlez® is a mainly indica plant with a relaxing effect. But in turn, it is also stimulating: you will notice it mostly in terms of creativity stimulation and as a catalyst to some interesting conversations with your friends, which are common and appreciable characteristics in sativa varieties. The flowers are full of terpenes and feature exquisite sweet tastes and aromas with fruity caramel tones.

To finish the sweet show, our seventh and eighth new strains represent the ginormous celebration of our 15th anniversary. Two of our most demanded genetics, now in XL version: Sweet Amnesia Haze XL Auto® (SWS57) and Crystal Candy XL Auto® (SWS87).Sweet Amnesia Haze XL Auto® is a big-sized autoflowering strain that produces a lot of resin with musky and sweet aromas.

It is a sativa dominant plant that can reach levels of up to 15-20% THC with a height that usually stands around 60-120 cm. This strain was developed from an Amnesia Haze clone called “Cordobesa”, crossed with our S.A.D. Sweet Afghani Delicious Auto® (SWS24).Crystal Candy XL Auto® (SWS87), is also a member of the XL family and was developed within a special program of the Sweet Seeds® R&D Department, focused in the search of curious and delicious sweet aromas that resemble the special moment of stepping into a candy shop.

This mainly indica strain, with THC levels that vary between 14% and 19% is the result of the cross between a selection of big-sized specimens of our Crystal Candy Auto® (SWS61).With Crystal Candy XL Auto® you will get a plant that can exceed one meter in height while producing large buds fully loaded with aromatic resin.These are our eight new strains for this year 2020. We hope you enjoy them and you are very welcome to send us your feedback. We love to know about your impressions, feelings and experiences.

Before we say goodbye, we would like to thank you for all the trust and support that you give us every day. Our greatest reward is to put at your disposal our love and passion for our beloved cannabis plant.You can keep enjoying our strains with the special promotion of 1 and 2 free seeds in all packets of 3 and 5 seeds respectively. You can also enjoy our 25 and 100 seeds packaging formats, available for some of our varieties.

We hope that these 8 new strains can meet your expectations and give you sweet and delicious smokes. Cheers to all our friends! Sweet Seeds®

Written and Published By Sweet Seeds In Weed World Magazine Issue 145

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