Cannabis Computer software Stack: Who Leads the Advisory Computer software Sector?

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What does the Advisory sector of the cannabis computer software marketplace appear like, and which corporation is the marketplace leader in 2020? Cannabiz Media dove into the information in the Cannabiz Media License Database and shared the answers to these inquiries and a lot more in the Cannabis Computer software Stack report final month.

3 weeks ago, I launched a new series of articles exactly where I’m sharing a lot more of the specifics from that report and diving into what the cannabis computer software stack and license chance appear like primarily based on every computer software sector. So far I’ve covered the Back Workplace , Activity and Transactional sectors.

In our final installment, I’ll take a different close appear at the report information and see what the Cannabiz Media analysis group discovered about the Advisory sector.

Defining the License Chance in Every single State

The Cannabiz Media group identified 332 exclusive corporations that connect to METRC or Leaf Information Solutions in Washington, and working with the Cannabiz Media License Database, we determined how quite a few licenses they can connect to in these states (i.e., the “license opportunity” or prospective addressable marketplace in a state).

To ascertain this license chance, we added Active, Pending, and Applied licenses for the proper activity. For instance, to come up with the license chance for point-of-sale computer software, we incorporated Active, Pending, and Applied dispensaries and retailers.

The Advisory Sector is comprised of 60 corporations. These corporations are involved in analytics and consulting. In some methods, this is the capstone group as they assist license holders recognize the information generated by all the other sectors.

Market Map


There have been two forms of corporations that match into our Advisory sector: Analytics and Consultants.

The analytics corporations represent some familiar names like BDSA (BDS Analytics), Cannabis Significant Information, and Headset. They deliver insights to a license holder and use METRC/LDS information as an input.

Consultants, from our evaluation, are focused on assisting license holders integrate or connect with METRC or to develop computer software and applications.

  • We identified 60 corporations in the Advisory sector.
  • They make 116 connections to the 15 states.
  • 30 of the 60 (50%) connect in California.

cannabis software advisory sector leaderboard

There are quite a few corporations operating in this space, and as of this report’s writing, a fair quantity seemed to be going offline. Each Virtugro and Jade LLC are analytics firms that have inoperable web-sites, therefore, NCS moved into the fifth slot.


Fifteen corporations have been identified as giving Analytics. These in the category connected from a single to 11 states. California was the most well known state with ten connections and Colorado is proper behind with nine. Oregon is a distant third with 4.

As markets mature and bring on a lot more licenses – and thus, a lot more data– we may possibly see these corporations branch out to states like Michigan and Massachusetts for instance.

For license chance, we cast a wide net considering the fact that the reports and evaluation can have implications for the entire provide chain.

It is also crucial to note that these firms do not necessarily want to have access to METRC or LDS as they can get the details they want from their consumers straight. Headset and BDSA report on a wide assortment of markets and have consumers nationwide.


The Consultant category is a big a single and covers corporations that may possibly assist license holders connect to METRC or design and style and develop computer software. In our evaluation, we identified enterprises that are sole practitioners operating in a single state all the way up to a national firm with a footprint in ten states. Only ten of the 45 have been in a lot more than a single state.

Fifteen of the 45 vendors are headquartered in California with seven from Michigan and 5 every from Washington and Oregon. California (20) is the state that most firms are operating in with Oregon (16) a close second.

Why This Facts Matters

The details in our report is beneficial for a assortment of stakeholders in the cannabis economy:

  • Regulators can obtain insight into the size and scope of the computer software landscape and find out about quite a few of the corporations they may possibly be functioning with.
  • Current vendors can use the details for each competitive and small business intelligence – and to obtain future partners and acquisition candidates.
  • Investors can use it as a roster of prospective acquisitions or partners for their portfolio corporations.

Current license holders can use it to gauge the footprint of computer software vendors. With this information, they can see which corporations are a single-state-wonders.

What’s Subsequent?

This wraps up our evaluation of the computer software stack but the group is reviewing the information for our third Point-of-Sale Computer software report. We are calling and surveying dispensaries nationwide to obtain out who they’re working with as their vendor, irrespective of whether they’ve switched, and who they’ve selected as their CRM vendor.

Cannabiz Media prospects can remain up-to-date on these suppliers and other new licenses by way of our newsletters, alerts, and reports modules. Subscribe to our newsletter to get these weekly reports delivered to your inbox. Or you can schedule a demo for a lot more details on how to access the Cannabiz Media License Database oneself to dive additional into this information and a lot more.

Ed Keating

Ed Keating is a co-founder and Chief Information Officer of Cannabiz Media and oversees our information analysis and government relations efforts. He has spent his entire profession functioning with and advising details corporations in the compliance space. Ed has overseen complicated multijurisdictional solution lines in the securities, corporate, UCC, security, environmental and human resource markets and focuses on workflow solutions more than the final twenty 5 years. Throughout that time he has worked for each startup and established details corporations exactly where he has led advertising, solution management and sales organizations. These corporations include things like Wolters Kluwer/Commerce Clearing Home, CT Corporation, EDGAR On the web and Small business &amp Legal Reports. At Cannabiz Media Ed enjoys the challenge of functioning with regulators across the globe as he and his group collect corporate, economic, and license details to track the folks, solutions and enterprises in the cannabis economy. Ed graduated from Hamilton College and received his MBA from the Kellogg College at Northwestern University.

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