Marijuana use is on the rise in older adults

Marijuana use is on the rise in older adults

Marijuana use is on the rise amongst child boomers in the United States, in particular guys, according to a study published Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

The findings seem to reflect altering attitudes toward cannabis across the nation, study co-author Bill Jesdale, an assistant professor of population and quantitative wellness science at the University of Massachusetts Health-related College in Worchester, recommended.

Use of the drug enhanced in older adults in each the states exactly where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use and in the states exactly where it has not, he mentioned. “It appears that anything has occurred to the nation as a entire.”

The study looked at of 3 years of survey information, collected from 2016 to 2018, on cannabis use in 171,507 adults ages 55 and up from 19 states and two territories.

Guys ages 60 to 64 reported the highest prices of marijuana use, with 12.six % of these surveyed saying they utilised the drug in the previous 30 days in 2018, up from eight.9 % in 2016. More than the very same time period, use also almost doubled amongst guys ages 65 to 69 (increasing from four.three % in 2016 to eight.two % in 2018) and amongst guys ages 70 to 74 (from three.two % to six %). There was significantly less transform in the use amongst girls. [Read more at NBC News]

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