Know the Truth About CBD Oil in 10 Minutes!

Cannabis Weed CBD

Cannabis Weed CBD

There is a lot of information about CBD oil out there. Some sources are praising it, while others point out some of its downsides. All in all, there is a lot of contradictory information.

If you are deciding whether to start using a CBD oil, the conflicting information can cause you to doubt your decision and reconsider whether you should use it at all.

In our efforts to be honest and bring you the latest and updated information about CBD oil, we decided to do extensive research.

It is important to note that you always look out for CBD manufacturers that are reputable and trustworthy. Let’s dive deeper into the ocean of truths about CBD oil to point out the most noteworthy ones.

CBD Oil is Non-Intoxicating

Many people think that CBD oils have the same intoxicating effects as the Cannabis Sativa plant. The truth is entirely the opposite. Cannabis Sativa, the plant that people put in joints, contains two main cannabinoids – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Bear in mind that THC is the psychoactive compound here. CBD has entirely different effects and has nothing to do with inducing the state of “high.”

CBD oils, like the one we mentioned – FormulaSwiss CBD oil from Switzerland, contain only CBD. Using these oils, either as supplements, medication, or oil for vape pens, is completely non-intoxicating. When ingested in one way or another, CBD can’t turn into THC and act as a psychoactive substance.

CBD Oil Provides Health Benefits

Another essential truth to know about CBD oil is that it provides a variety of health benefits. Before you start thinking that CBD oil manufacturers finance all those “CBD health benefits” studies, take a look at this Harward Health Publishing blog post.

The evidence is clear, and it points out the health benefits of CBD and, therefore, CBD oils.

You can also check out serenetree which is the home of CBD products for a healthy mind and body.

Even the Food and Drug Administration body in the US has approved a medicine based on CBD to treat childhood epilepsy. The results of other studies reveal other benefits of CBD oil and its properties, including pain-relieving and anti-inflammation effects.

CBD oil can also help people fight addiction and efficiently manage anxiety. The truth about CBD oil is finally out in the daylight, and more people start using it to alleviate symptoms of the above-mentioned health and mental conditions.

CBD Oil is Derived From Hemp

Ok, the 100% truth should sound like this – most of the CBD oil found on the market is derived from hemp or industrial hemp. The family of plants is huge, and marijuana and hemp plants are somewhat close relatives.

However, unlike marijuana, hemp contains significantly lower THC concentrations, making it suitable for CBD extraction and producing high-quality CBD oils.

In fact, hemp contains 0.3% or less THC. This is why CBD oil derived from hemp contains an insignificant concentration of THC.

FormulaSwiss CBD oil from Switzerland, for instance, is completely derived from the hemp plants coming from Norway, Switzerland, and other EU countries. It is manufactured and processed according to the best practices and highest standards in the industry.

CBD Oil Is Becoming Legal in Many Countries

The general public, including the governments around the world, have recognized the benefits of CBD and its potential in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. As we write this, CBD oil is becoming legalized in more and more countries.

When it comes to the EU and the USA, which are two of the biggest CBD markets, you should pay close attention to local laws and policies.

The USA is making industrial hemp production legal, which will make it borderline impossible to prohibit CBD. At the moment, all 50 states have laws legalizing CBD. However, you should know that every state has different levels of restriction.

Europe doesn’t fall behind the US when it comes to the legalization of CBD and CBD products, including CBD oil. Growing industrial hemp is legal in Europe, and purchasing and using CBD oils is legal everywhere except in Slovakia.

Not All CBD Oils Can Be Used in a Vape Pen

Many vapers jump over CBD oil without getting access to the right kind of information. The truth about CBD oil is that it can be vaped. However, you should know that not all CBD oils are manufactured for vaping.

There is a specific line of products called CBD oils for vaping, which are developed to be vape pen friendly. Always make sure to read the product description before buying it so that you don’t end up with the wrong product in your hands.

As you can see, finding out truths about CBD oil takes less than 10 minutes. CBD oil is safe to use and provides several health benefits, all of which are scientifically proven.

Finally, before using and purchasing CBD oils, make sure that it is legal in your region. Given the current state of things, the chances are that CBD will become legal in most of the countries of the western world.

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