Become an Expert on E-Juice

The last couple of years saw the rise of the vaping industry. This ever-increasing market has easily gained mainstream. Vape mods have been proven to be potentially less harmful than traditional marijuana and cigarettes, resulting in armies of users.

While many turn to vaping as the best way to say no to smoking, most people vape entirely for the sheer fun of it. Vaping allows you to do many cool things, perform various vape tricks, and so on.

Since the quest for the best e-liquid is a never-ending journey, watching the following five videos will allow you to learn the best tricks in the trade and become an expert on e-juice.

1 – Ghost Inhale

The Ghost Inhale is one of the easiest tricks that you can pull off on a first try, so it’s the first one to mention here. The point is to use a top-quality e-juice that allows you to release a vapor ball that you can immediately sip back in and release again.

Also known as the mushroom cloud, it’s as natural as it goes. Take a decent MTL puff and keep it in your mouth for a couple of seconds. Position your mouth in an O-shape to let the vapor come out like a ball. Keep in mind to hold your breath while doing it to avoid forcing the vapor and disturbing the perfect ball shape.

2 – The Dragon

If you’re looking to impress your peers as a real e-juice and vaping expert, the dragon should be your ace up the sleeve. Aside from being a great trick, it’s also relatively easy to learn how to do it. It’s the extravaganza of it that makes it so attractive, appealing, and engaging. If done right, it will make you seize the appearance of a real, angry dragon.

The trick comes down to exhaling vapor in such a manner that you force it out of the corners of your mouth and nose with absolute menace and sheer power. Take a top-class e-juice and a good vaporizer. Take a good hit and force the vapor through both corners of your mouth and nose.

If you take a better look at yourself while you’re at it, you’ll notice that you look like a fire-spewing dragon. This is a real hit among e-juice fans and vapers.

3 – The Waterfall

In case you didn’t know it, you can do almost anything with vapor, which is why people went to great lengths to come up with the most amazing tricks and make vaping worthy of your time and effort.

The waterfall is a perfect example of how creative vaping can be in reality. The trick includes turning the vapor you exhale into a heavy, water-like substance pouring out of the bottle. Even though it sounds like something complicated, it’s easy to master.

You can achieve it quickly by incorporating a bottle with just enough frozen water inside it to cover the bottom. Take a good drag, exhale it into the bottle and turn it upside down to allow the vapor to pour out slowly. This gives the trick a somewhat mystical effect, making it even more interesting.

4 – Vapor Bubble

Vapers love to make giant bubbles. For most of them, that’s what vaping is all about, among many other things. You can’t consider yourself a real e-juice vaping expert if you don’t know how to vape bubbles.

The trick is to take a huge puff, exhale the vapor and trap it inside a bubble. To do this, you’ll need a plastic bottle and a mix of water and soap. Cut a small hole on the bottom of the bottle and sink it into the liquid. Then, take a puff and gently exhale the vapor into the bottle. The result will be a huge bubble full of vapor. This is easy to do and looks very impressive.

5 – Tornado

The end of our list is reserved for the best. While the name may not sound that impressive, trust us when we say the tornado is impressive enough. Every avid vaper out there knows how to grab the attention of their peers by maneuvering their e-liquid in amazing ways.

A tornado is a flat pool of thick vapor that resembles the shape of a tornado. If you want to do your tornado vape properly, the best way is to either use a vape mod or a pen to get that still and thick vapor you need. This requires a careful selection of the finest e-juices in the market, but it’s well worth the effort.


So, there you have it, your very own top five vaping videos that will teach you how to vape your e-liquid like a real pro. Always stick to the most reputable vaping brands that sell the safest, best e-juice in the industry. This is the only way to make sure vaping isn’t harming your health.

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