A Look Into Our Third Party CBD Testing

When it comes to CBD, we know there are a lot of companies and products to choose from. Before you purchase, it is important to understand the testing standards each brand abides by. What we found, a lot of these companies are talking the talk but few are walking the walk. Being able to trust the consistency and quality of your products is key in introducing CBD into your wellness routine.

Here at Social, we are always pushing ourselves and the industry standards for better CBD. The result? Pure, powerful & honest CBD.

4 Pillars of Product Purity


From the beginning, Social CBD maintains the highest levels of compliance with all state and federal regulations. We extend that standard to any raw materials source we partner with to make our signature products.

We pride ourselves on sourcing our CBD within the U.S and each supplier is registered with the USDA. Our team hand selects hemp farms, in prime hemp growing locations and that meet our high compliance standards. Currently, we partner with farms located in Oregon, Colorado, and Kentucky. However, with the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill, we will have more options of states that we are able to source from, something we look forward to exploring.

All hemp used in Social CBD products is grown, tested, and processed in accordance with the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program.


As mentioned before, we are walking the walk when it comes to testing. These tests look for unwanted materials like solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, microorganisms, and THC, to ensure you are getting a pure product every time.

We utilize an ISO 17025 accredited third-party lab, Columbia Laboratories, to test our products so you can be assured the results are accurate.


In addition to testing unwanted materials, we also are testing to ensure you are receiving exactly what you are purchasing. You can say we are little obsessed with ensuring you get the most powerful products.


We strive to be honest about exactly what you will find in every single product. While other CBD companies may release a COA for their products as a whole, we take pride in sharing test results for each individual product.

On every Social CBD product you will find the Lab ID and Lot # listed on the side of the packaging. You can use that to check the test results and COA of that specific product.

To make it even easier to view Social CBD test results, we also provide a QR code on our packaging. Simply scan it with your device to view a summary of the test results.

Understanding Your CBD Test Results

Firstly, you might be wondering, “What exactly is a COA?”. Well, we’ve got your answer. A Certificate of Analysis or COA is the official test results from the labs. They tell you important details about the product like the concentration of CBD and absence of unwanted chemicals and toxins. Unlike packaging which can be vague or misleading, COA’s are detailed and completed by an unbiased third-party lab.

The most important information of our test results are included in the Summary section. In this section, you will find a snapshot of the prominent cannabinoids in the batch. Also included is the breakdown of both the CBD and THC content, which is where we establish that our products are 0.0% THC free.

Lastly, we look at the following to ensure that our products are safe to consume: Residual Solvents, Pesticides, Metals, and Microbiology.

To dig a little deeper and understand the full COA, check out How to Read Social CBD Test Results.

Give It A Try!

Curious about the results of your favorite product? Go ahead and enter your Lab ID and Lot # into our test results engine. Or, get shopping knowing that you can have peace of mind in Social CBD.

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