AMCO’s Review of Little Rock House of Cannabis at 900 South Rodney Parham Road

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. ~ As many of you might know, I’m a PTSD patient, after being in a motorcycle wreck in 2015, I do not do well in traffic, even as a passenger. By the time I made it to my appointment at H.O.C. my nerves were frazzled and my muscles were tense. I had made an appointment with the general manager to qualify for their income based compassion care plan, where you can get up to 50% off. My ride got me there 10 minutes early. I can say that I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient the staff are. Within 21 minutes. I had my interview, was approved and made a purchase. I’m impressed at how fast and friendly they are!

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~ Mr Dylan Williams greeted me as he opened the door to allow me in. A lady behind a counter checked me in and was quickly buzz me thru a frosted glass door. I sat while them GM (that i missed his name ) looked at my disability reward letter and answered a few questions. After our visit I was then ushered to the sales floor where there were multiple island displays of products

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~ After some browsing the plentiful products of color coded menu, the bud tender assisted me in choosing the NSM 1 gram dabbable syringe that I had been wanting to try on my pain and PTSD. It was quickly retrieved and rang up. I didn’t test the bud tenders knowledge but we may do that on the next visit. I did notice the menu prices do not include taxes as some dispensaries do.

Actual lateral x ray of part of my instrumentation only one year after placement notice the rod snapped at 3ed screw .

To Be Continued

~ The store itself reminded me of a cross between a cell phone store and a jewelry store set up. My PTSD flair prevented me from asking many questions but I promise to bring you all more info next time. The ADA compliance was great. The parking lot and seating all seem to be placed with mobility impairment in mind.

You can find them as Little Rock HOC on weedmaps , leafly or

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