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Medical marijuana

White Ruski

A novel strain with an interesting story

Tara Boyd September 20, 2020


White Ruski, more commonly known as White Russian is a hybrid indica-dominant flower created by breeding White Widow, an award winning hybrid and AK-47, a sativa-dominant strain, also award winning, making White Ruski highly sought after the world over. Out of curiosity, after I tried a sample, I did a little research and found an interesting story to pair with the plant’s taste and appearance. Let’s start this journey with a brief history of this stunning cannabis flower. We will touch on how this particular strain had come to be, the biology and genealogy behind its flavor and alluringly vibrant appearance.


After a trip to Africa in 1994 and becoming enamored with the marijuana plant, Dutch biology teacher, Simon, shifted the focus of his work from teaching to cannabis. In Africa Simon realized the benefits of marijuana by itself, as it is customary in the Netherlands to mix it with tobacco and roll it into a cigarette. More specifically Simon’s work was creating genetic crossovers or hybrids “ with the purpose of creating increasingly better, more resistant varieties of marijuana that offer the maximum sensation to the users.” (Allen Martinez) Simon left his teaching job in Amsterdam in a drastic career change to join Allen Donkers who had a seed bank called Sensi Seeds. From there, Simon learned about growing and cultivating as well as creating hybrids. Later that year, with two Americans, Simon opened a Dutch seed bank where two of their strains won the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. A year later, in 1995, Simon began his own independent seed bank called Serious Seeds. Within months a coffee shop that sold Serious Seeds’ products won the High Times Cannabis Cup with their new strain, White Widow. (seriousseeds.com) Other award winning varieties from Serious Seeds include Chronic, Kali Mist and one of White Ruski’s parents; AK-47. (Allen Martinez) Serious Seeds has gone on to win a plethora of awards for their hybrid strains- so many that listing them would be frivolous.

Appearance & Taste

If you love the smell of pine, freshly sliced oranges or the taste of chai tea, you owe that attraction to terpenes. Terpenes are organic compounds produced by a number of plants and some insects. By attracting herbivore predators and to repel the predator itself, these compounds give off a strong odor to protect themselves. With a terpene called myrcene, White Ruski gets it’s earthy undertones. Caryophyllene creates the flavor of sweet spices. Citrus and pine are the most dominant flavor notes found in White Ruski, caused by limonene and a unique terpene called Guaiol. (Lift.co) Guaiol by itself causes a wood, rose and pine taste and is of a liquid structure instead of oil as are most terpenes. (Leafly) Terpenes have a wide range of medical benefits, often boosting the benefits when added to concentrates, tinctures or oils.


White Ruski is a charming cannabis strain. “Pale and bright lime green with copious amounts of resin (trichomes) and interwoven orange hairs (pistils)” (Lift.co) In my own experience, the sample lived up to lift.co’s description as well as a few visual comparisons. Beautiful greens with bursts of orange enveloped the full bud. The taste, I can describe as dominant with earthy, nutty tones; a citrus scent and pleasantly light hits. Though White Ruski is an indica-dominant strain, through meticulous sampling, I found that the experience was uplifting and euphoric peppered with creativity and calming effects. The plant’s buds are an elegant display of bursting color- a joy for the senses.


I appreciate the opportunity to try this award winning cannabis strain and to learn a little more about this particular strain. I hope you enjoyed learning a little useless knowledge with me and if nothing else, find it amusing. Ending on a curious note, I never did find Simon, founder of Serious Seeds, sur name. Throughout all of my referencing, no source shared it. Stay lifted.

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