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Humboldt County residents and stakeholders in the cannabis industry, please be advised: an out of state entity is seeking permits for a vast, unprecedented cultivation operation in our midst. The Florida-based owner of Rolling Meadow Ranch seeks County approval for 5.73 acres of mixed light cultivation, in 16 greenhouses, with 33,750 square feet of processing facilities, occurring year-round, on remote, rural wildlands, on top of wetlands and immediately adjacent to the Main Stem of the Eel River. Proposed water usage is approximately 4,628,000 gallons per year, extracted from three wells on the property. It will be entirely dependent upon PG&E, and requires the further incursion of power lines into extremely fire prone areas. Essentially it is a huge indoor operation, with no intention of organic or regenerative cultivation practices.

This project poses grave issues related to access, environmental degradation, water usage, enhanced wildfire risk, and community safety. The project, as proposed, subverts the rules and intent of the Cannabis Cultivation Ordinances and the Humboldt County General Plan, and violates all best practices of ethical environmental stewardship. It is a clear example of Humboldt County wealth extraction, irrevocably damaging the local environment and community, a story reminiscent of the naked corporate greed of Charles Hurwitz’s Maxxam Corporation.

This project will unfairly exploit, capitalize on, and dilute the value of the Humboldt County cannabis brand that dedicated, craft, legacy sun grown cannabis farmers have fought long and hard for, while despoiling and poisoning our beautiful home.

I urge citizens to review the ISMND at the link provided below.

Also, please see the San Francisco Chronicle and Humboldt Independent articles from 2016 for context and history.

The public comment period for this project closes on December 30, 2020. All comments should be directed to the Humboldt County Planning Department. A public hearing before the Planning Commission is set for January 7th, at 6PM, via Zoom. I invite all to participate, join the debate, and share their thoughts on this egregious proposal.

Thank you, Mary Gaterud


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