Benefits of CBD Oil for Allergies

Allergies are a common occurrence for most people. They are an inconvenience that won’t go away. In some people, they are as simple as a watery eye and a congested nose while in others they are life-threatening conditions that require urgent medical attention when the reaction happens.

What Are The Effects of Allergies?

Over the years, various treatments from over the counter drugs to immunosuppressants have been invented. The research has yielded results but, not without side effects that most patients would love to live without.

Some of the effects associated with traditional allergy treatments include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion

One of the most effective methods of addressing allergies is avoiding allergens. Other than being effective, this method doesn’t expose the patient to the side effects that are common with traditional medication.

CBD is also another alternative that most people fighting allergies are considering. There have been reports of relief from various allergic symptoms and some of the qualities of CBD are thought to assist in alleviating allergic reactions effectively.

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Types of Allergies


Inflammation is common with most allergic reactions. It is a result of the immune system trying to remove harmful agents in the body and also the body’s response to the damage inflicted by the allergens.

One of the better-known properties of CBD is its anti-inflammatory capacity. It works by activating receptors that release fewer cytokines. This reduces inflammation caused by both the allergens and as a result of the action of the immune system.

Chronic pain

Some allergic reactions can cause severe or mild pain in the patient. CBD is effective at reducing the intensity of pain and can be used to target all types of pain. When looking for natural pain medication that will relieve pain without the accompanying side effects, CBD has often been preferred.

Most patients that have used CBD for pain management gravitate towards the high strains of CBD strains and opt to take it in its most natural form like tinctures for the best results.


Cytokines are to blame for triggering asthma attacks. For people suffering from asthma, CBD has been an effective way to reduce the severity of the attacks and recover.

The method of function for CBD is thought to be through the ECS system by regulating the cytokines and reducing inflammation. This helps to reduce the airway constrictions and make breathing much easier.

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Because CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent, it can suppress the immune system without any adverse effects, unlike antihistamines.

Sinusitis is an allergic reaction with symptoms that include cough, nasal congestion and difficulty breathing. CBD can help in managing these symptoms especially because it is thought to be a bronchodilator.

Seasonal allergies

People with seasonal allergies have also expressed satisfaction with the benefits of CBD oil in alleviating symptoms.

CBD contains anti-microbial properties that may help reduce the severity of seasonal allergies. The high CBD strains, in particular, are more effective in this aspect. Most users have noted that it helps to relieve pressure and open up sinuses in the nasal cavity.

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It may also help to prevent nasal congestion as some of the users have expressed. The best method of ingesting CBD for seasonal allergies is sublingual. It can also be combined with other natural remedies like coconut oil or honey for better results.

Even with the accounts on the benefits that CBD oil has to offer, the best way to deal with allergies is to stay away from the allergens. If you’re considering taking CBD, talk to your doctor or allergy specialist, so the condition is properly monitored.

To maximise the benefits of CBD, you also have to make sure you determine the right dosage for you. It might take some time, but the benefits might be worth taking the time to assess what works best for you.

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