Las Vegas cannabis retailers have okay to supply drive-thru solution

Las Las vegas provides drive-thrus for alcohol, gambling, weddings and peep shows, and today the tourist mecca is allowing* that is( stores to offer the service.

The Las Vegas City Council voted 6-0 on Wednesday to rescind a restriction that is citywide cannabis retail drive-thru operations, the Las vegas, nevada Review-Journal reported.

Marijuana company advocates along with other industry stakeholders welcomed the move as one which will market security and business through the pandemic that is COVID-19 according to the newspaper.

But the move comes relatively late, as most other states with legal markets – such as California, Maryland and Massachusetts – began drive-thru that is allowing if the pandemic started last March.

Plus, several Nevada jurisdictions already allowed marijuana businesses to offer drive-thru service.

Las Vegas marijuana retailers that want to add drive-thru options will have to follow regulations under which all other drive-thru facilities in the populous city currently operate, regardless of the business, the Review-Journal reported.

Those regulations cover issues such as queuing lanes and how to properly use landscaping to block view that is public of lanes, the paper noted.

Applicants Seeking to offer drive-thru marijuana service shall have to address security plans during the licensing process.(*)

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