Seth Rogen Is Bringing His Marijuana Brand To America and also the Web Can’t Handle It

Actor, journalist, producer and favorite Seth that is canadian Rogen announced plans to bring his weed lifestyle company, Houseplant, to America. A company that sells marijuana and useful paraphernalia, is a project Rogen has been working on for the past 10 years it’s a company he started with his longtime writing partner Evan Goldberg in 2019, in partnership with Canopy Growth.

Houseplant. Goods is going to be on sale in Ca beginning week that is next. The internet promptly freaked out.

— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) March 1, 2021

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— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) March 1, 2021(us have survived and baked bread*)Because it’s Seth Rogen, the internet responded to the news with great excitement, jokes and varying degrees of inferiority since Rogen has apparently mastered ceramics and launched a weed business throughout the course of the pandemic while the rest of. Anyway. Here are some of the best reactions prompted by Rogen’s announcement:

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