South Africa: Cannabidiol – Food Fad or Here to Stay?

Products containing cannabidiol, also known as CBD, have been legal for sale in South Africa since May 2019. What’s the benefit?

Even if you have been hiding under a rock while social distancing, you’ve probably heard something about “CBD“, as the health craze for the product derived from the cannabis plant sweeps the globe. Chances are your mom, your greenie friend and your student nephew are probably already using cannabidiol (CBD) oil for various health reasons.

CBD won’t get you high. Instead, quite the opposite as one of its possible health benefits includes naturally improving sleep, along with reducing inflammation, pain, and anxiety, without any of the potential side-effects of big pharma.

Products containing CBD have been legal for sale in South Africa since May 2019, and besides its usage in a pure oil form, CBD can also be incorporated into foods and drinks, making products known as edibles. Stalls selling cookies, brownies and gummies abound at informal markets, but many of these store owners profess to actually be selling illegal THC-infused products which they say there is a bigger demand for.

South African restaurants have increasingly begun adding CBD into drinks, smoothies and onto pizza, but so far there…

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