Cannabis for Brazilian Pets and Their Humans

A bill (369/2021) to allow veterinarians to prescribe cannabis products has been introduced in Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies. Under the terms of the bill, products must be authorized by the […]

Can Humans Take Pet CBD Oil?

If you’re sitting there tempted to reach for your pets’ CBD, it’s likely that you’re aware of the benefits it can offer. While sharing CBD from the same bottle or […]

Can I give my dog CBD oil for humans?

When properly extracted, most CBD oil for animals and humans should be highly similar. Both types should have high purity, come from organic cannabis plants (ideally, hemp), and have zero […]

Do Humans (and Bees) Get Higher From Marijuana Honey?

[ad_1] Dear Stoner: Can bees pollinate marijuana? Would it get them higher if they did?Weed Keeper Dear Weed Keeper: According to the beesearch we’ve study, insects do not have endocannabinoid […]