Strange Impacts

Hey, this could appear strange, but I want to explain. I’ve smoked i’ve always loved weed and enjoyed it, but recently (this past year since August 2020) I have been […]

6 Strange Facts About Maeng Da Kratom

Not many people in the West know much about Kratom. There is a lot of confusion about whether this plant is an opioid or shares similar properties with opioids. In […]

Purple stems and strange leaves

[ad_1] What is up everybody this year I am increasing some skunk #1 outdoors and two of the plants have dark purple stems and one particular also has smooth leaves […]

Filmmaker Werner Herzog’s Strange Visions

[ad_1] Werner Herzog has the mind of a mystic and the soul of an eternal dreamer. In this 1985 High Times article by Robert Seidenberg, Germany’s leading avant-garde director talks […]